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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

Creating Your Happily Ever After

Rules & Tools for Healthy Relationships 


Relationships are the greatest seminar on the planet! 


No where can we find out more about ourselves

nor be more challenged to change old unconscious, unhealthy behaviors and beliefs into conscious, healthy ones. 


We always get what we settle for until we learn to love ourselves enough not to compromise our highest ideals and desires.


We must first be the qualities that we want to have in our partner.


Great relationships are a continual process created through being attentive to the small things, taking nothing and no one for granted.


They are built daily through conscious choices to be kind, honest, appreciative, supportive,

empowering, nurturing, loving and forgiving of yourself and your partner. 


They require two partners willing to examine themselves, grow individually and together, share feelings,

tell the truth, and take full responsibility for their own actions and behaviors.


No relationship or marriage ever failed!


It served its purpose and delivered its gifts. 

We come together in relationships or marriage for our continual growth, not just "for life."


Creating healthy relationships is the ultimate test of our conscious evolution and spiritual integration. 

Such a relationship, most often, is quite different than what was modeled for us by our parents or our society. 


Compatibility is valued more than commitment, 

co-creation more than procreation, 

soul mates more than role mates,

self-fulfillment more than survival, and

we more than me. 


Joy, spontaneity, authenticity, vulnerability, creativity, mutual growth, radical honesty,

mental and emotional intimacy, teamwork, sharing, and soul love are the qualities lived in such a union.


Chapters in this seminar: 

1)  The Best Seminar On Earth 

2)  Love 101 - Our First Classes 

3)  The New Paradigm 

4)  Characteristics of Healthy Relationships 

5)  The Rules 

6)  The Tools 

7)  Self Love 

8)  Healthy Boundaries 

9)  Communicating To Understand & Be Understood

10)  Achieving Real Intimacy

11)  Compatibility

12)  The Great Mirror

13)  Becoming Balanced & Whole

14)  Integrity

15)  Telling The Whole Truth ...And Nothing But The Truth

16)  Feelings & Emotions - The Difference

17)  Emotional Availability

18)  Being The Perfect Lover

19)  The Power of Sexual Energy - Using It Wisely

20)  "Red Flags" ... Something's Not Right

21)  Resolving Conflict

22)  Forgiveness

23)  Building Trust Again

24)  The Big Picture Heals

25)  Soul Contracts

26)  Loving From Your Soul

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