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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

America's Shadow

What's Sabotaging the American Dream 

9-11 was a wake-up call for Americans to ask "Who did this and why?" but also "What have we done to create so much anger and hatred toward us?" 9-11 wasn't the real tragedy, but instead it was 9-12 America, the country we became by how we responded to 9-11 and how America's Shadow was unleashed openly and arrogantly.


America's shadow are the parts of our history that we fear, deny, deplore, disown, repress or simply dislike.  Shadow projection is demonizing other countries or national leaders with the qualities and history we don't own in ourself as a nation.  What we don't own owns us and we keep acting it out.


America’s shadow has three legs: Gold (Money & Greed), Glory (Empire & War), & God (Religion).  All three of these become a problem to the extent that they are exclusive, patriarchal, and fear-based, which keeps power at the top for the elites maintaining the status quo.  Fear is their greatest weapon to keep people surrendering their power to any would be savior (currently that’s Trump).


What will save us is not someone else, but us bringing forth greater equality, inclusiveness, diversity, multiculturalism, partnership, feminine power to balance out our extreme masculine, wholeness, interdependence, national soul and championing the sacredness of all life (including Mother Earth).


Bringing forth the soul redeems the shadow by transcluding (transcending and including) it, individually and collectively. As we recapture America’s founding soul principles of equality for all, egalitarianism, leveling the playing field for all, and government of, by and for the people (not of, by and for the corporations, the monied elites, the war mongers, the bankers, the religious exclusivists) we will bring about America’s Soul Destiny.

This was recorded July 1, 2004. A lot more of America's shadow has been released since then.

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