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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

You Are What Your Food Ate...

and Everything Else You Put in Your Body, Heart, Mind & Soul

Missing Manual for BodySoul Health

You Are What You Eat, Move,

Feel, Think, Believe, Store, Stress, Sleep,

Environmentally Absorb & Soul Express.

There is no one diet right for everyone. 

But there is one perfect diet for you...

and it's more than just food.


So how do we do this?

By eliminating all your inflammatory foods, people, jobs, events, stress, habits and beliefs

building your immune system, peace of mind, purpose and soul expression.


We need a whole body, whole soul approach tailored individually to heal whatever we need in our life.



But how can we know what is our perfect diet?


1) Eliminate all universally toxic, inflammatory foods,


2) Test for your Apo E genotype to know your right diet,

Apo E 2s & 3s (75% of us) can eat a high animal fat diet (Paleo) and will be harmed by a low-fat diet.

Apo 4s (25% of us) must avoid animal fats, sugars, grains, alcohol, dairy, coffee and will be harmed from a high saturated fat (Paleo or Atkins) diet.  Monounsaturated fats (olive oil, olives, avocados, walnuts), shellfish, free-range eggs are great for Apo E 4s.  Watch Dr. Steven Gundry's "Dietary Management for the Apo E 4" on YouTube.

3) Blood test for your specific toxic, inflammatory foods to eliminate,


4) Stool test for your gut/immune system health to know what needs to be repaired,


5) Fast occasionally & sleep 7-9 hours regularly for body & cellular repair,


6) Exercise to build immune system, reduce inflammation & eliminate toxins,


7) Eliminate all toxic people, jobs, events, stress, beliefs & habits, and


8) Cultivate peace of mind, purpose & soul awareness as a lifestyle.

Changes in our total lifestyle are our best medicine.

Food can kill us slowly or it can cure us fast.

Modern, industrial, engineered foods of the past 50 years and

the stresses of modern life are making us fatter and killing us.  

We now have epidemic obesity, diabesity, cancer, heart disease and brain diseases

that were virtually non-existent in 1900.  


Our conventional, industrial American foods are destroying our immune system

and are contaminated with...


     names we cannot pronounce,

     foods are body cannot process,

     unnatural, toxic food coloring & preservatives,     

GMOs (genetically modified organisms)   

 petroleum fertilizers,



     antibiotics &

     growth hormones.


In short, man-engineered foods since the 1960s are toxic to our bodies and making us fat and sick.


So if you're eating standard American're eating Frankenfoods

and you'll end up with the standard American diseases!



"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food."

Hippocrates, the father of medicine

We live in a food jungle in America and it's very difficult to know what is healthy to eat and what is not.  Should we eat low-fat or low-carb, vegetarian or Atkins, vegan or Paleo, Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig?


What if all those were wrong choices because they all come from a broken food paradigm that divides foods by fats, carbs, and proteins and says all calories are equal in our body. 


But what if we questioned this paradigm saying all calories are not equal and divided calories, fats, carbs, and proteins by what is toxic in our body and what is healthy and medicinal?

We need to know what's in our food,

what it has been treated with, and

what it ate because...


You Are What Your Food Ate.

Everything we need to know about what foods are universally toxic to us and 

what foods are healthy and medicinal for us to eat for our body, brain,

and heart health is simplified above on one-page.  You need to blood test for your specific inflammatory foods.

Jimmy created two YouTube videos to explain this chart, which is based on the most recent nutritional & scientific findings by America's leading doctors and experts.

In Video 1 (below) everything we need to know about "Clean Food Nutrition" and being a CleanFoodetarian is explained.

In Video 2 (below) the "Eat Clean, Get Healthy" chart is explained.


Toxic carbs, proteins, and fats are divided from healthy, medicinal carbs, proteins, and fats. 


We need to see our food this way because 70% of the Standard American Diet is comprised of unnatural, industrial, processed foods that are toxic to us, which lead to

our chronic obesity, compromised immune systems, and ever increasing diseases.   


Our healthy bodies evolved eating Mother Nature's food:


fresh organic vegetables, nuts & fruits,

grass-fed beef & dairy,

free-range chicken & eggs,

 wild-caught fish,

wild game, and

healthy saturated and monounsaturated fats from these sources,

along with moving our bodies 8-10 hours a day.

Eat Right for Your Body, Heart, Mind & Soul


by eliminating your toxic foods, people, events, thoughts and beliefs

& buildimg your immune system, peace of mind, purpose and soul awareness.


You Are What You Eat, Move, Feel,

Think, Believe, Store, Stress, Sleep,

Environmentally Absorb & Soul Express.

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