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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

America's Spiritual Story

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America's greatness starts with its spiritual openness, diversity and intermarriage of the best ideas from all the world's religious traditions and spiritual wisdom teachings that have come to our shores. We don't fight religious wars here, but rather accept, adopt and integrate everyone's right to find and express God as they conceive it because of our sacred separation of church and state founding principle.


Native American spirituality undergirds and seeps into Americans' evolving concept of God, whether found in all our formal religions or in our informal, dogma-free spirituality.  Freedom of religion in America has created fertile soil for Christianity in all its forms and for every world religion to thrive here.  And yet "Spiritual Not Religious" is the fastest growing religious classification in America.


America is the world's laboratory in creating a blended world citizenry and the story of America's religious and spiritual diversity is the heart and soul of our greatness.


Here's a history of American spirituality and where we're headed.

This program was recorded on 6.16.2004 at Unity of Dallas (Texas).

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