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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

Living Your Soul

Your Ultimate Empowerment & Success 

You are not a body that has a soul.

You are a soul that has a body. 

Only a fraction of who we are in this lifetime is our body and personality. 

While the body is the soul's vehicle for a particular lifetime,

the soul, being an individualized aspect of God, is eternal and continually evolving. 

The soul is our direct connection to God/Spirit.         

To master life we must become conscious of our soul and integrate it into our daily life. 

The soul lovingly guides, directs and sets up circumstances in our life

for our healing, our empowerment and our evolution.  


Our soul's evolution is reflected through our consciousness. 

Our life, body and health are a report card of our consciousness. 

The rule of life is consciousness is cause and raising consciousness is the cure.         

Raising consciousness is how we grow spiritually and integrate more of our soul into our daily life. 

Seeing life from "the big picture", from the eyes of our soul,

heals us where needed and empowers us to flow with the massive changes we are experiencing. 

Living from our soul is where we find our greatest happiness, purpose and power.

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