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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

Resurrecting Jesus

The Greatest Story Never Told

His Story Is Our Story

Jesus-Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, 13th CE-ch

"Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free" 



Jesus was a man born like every other person.

He had emotional wounds, prejudices, judgments, and things to forgive.

His greatness lies first in what he did within himself, and then what he did within his world.  

He turned his life’s challenges into great strengths.  


Like every great teacher, he taught what he needed to learn.  

He is the great example for us of how to be completely balanced, integrated, and whole,

and showed us just how we can do the same.  

As we explore his human evolution and soul choices, we will discover his story is our story.


God did not specialize on Jesus, but rather Jesus specialized on God.  

In this process, Jesus discovered his divine nature, which was shared by all humans.


The most important legacy of Jesus is the truth he taught,

not the dogma and theology the church has created about Jesus.  

He taught a vision of an egalitarian world we would create as we all wake up to and live from our own divinity.  


His message and example are more timely than ever

as we leave behind the old, exclusive, fear-based, patriarchal life and

move forward co-creating a new inclusive, soul-based, empowered individual, egalitarian world.


The real story of Jesus is far more powerful and inspirational than the made-up version by the Church to sell Christianity.  

As we recover the truth Jesus really taught...


"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.

If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you," 


we can gain the same consciousness as Jesus.  


Then we will know why he promised us...


"Everything I have done, you too, can do, and even greater things than these shall you do."





                  In this seminar we explore these chapters:

The Man

            1) Blind Spots in the Christian Story About Jesus

            2) Sleuthing The Scriptures – Culling The Fiction

                                                            Tools For Excavating An Authentic Jesus
                                                            All Aboard For 1st Century Palestine

            3) The Un-Virgin Birth
The Mysticism

            4) John The Baptist, Jesus & The Jordan River
            5) Jesus in the Wilderness: Surrendering His Ego To Soul

            6) Jesus On The Shadow Dance
            7) Jesus, The Mystic

The Message – (Mysticism & Empowerment For Dummies)

             8) Why Jesus Taught Forgiveness

             9) Jesus of Thomas

           10) Entering & Living the Kingdom/Queendom of God/Heaven

           11) The Spiritual Wisdom Teacher

           12) The Beatitudes          

The Movement

            13) Jesus, The Healer

            14) The Political Jesus, The Subversive Egalitarian
            15) The Death of Jesus & Who Killed Him

            16) The Real Virgin Mary: Magdalene

            17) Gnostic Christianity
The Machine

            18) The Egalitarian Paul & How That Got Changed

            19) The Peter Plan & The Jerusalem Church

            20) Jesus of the Gospels – Mark, Matthew, Luke, & John

            21) Jesus of Revelations

The Monument

            22) The Second Killing of Jesus… Through Christian Doctrine
                  (Virgin Birth, Messiah, Resurrection, Ascension, Son of God, Vicarious Atonement,
                  2nd Coming, Trinity, Inerrancy, Original Sin, & Expunging Reincarnation)

Resurrecting Jesus

            23) Resurrecting the 1st-Century Jesus for a 21st-Century World


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