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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

Jimmy's Story


From lessons learned and gifts earned through two excruciating "dark nights of the soul," two miraculous physical healings, many mystical experiences (including a "Field of Dreams" one of following "the voice" to go to the University of Madrid for a year and live with a Spanish family that didn't speak English), a lifetime of asking and finding answers to life's biggest questions --- Jimmy emerged a practical mystic, visionary, spiritual teacher, dynamic speaker, and transformational writer.

The Aracils, Jimmy's Spanish family

The Aracils 2015, 

Jimmy & Janet's Spanish Family

His teachings empower others to question everything and live from their souls.  Jimmy reminds us that we are souls with a temporary body and the purpose of life is soul growth.  Everything in life happens for us, not to us, in order to heal something in our pasts, to grow and evolve in the present, and/or to become empowered for our futures.  He believes that we each take with us in our souls all things learned or achieved emotionally, mentally or spiritually.


Jimmy synthesizes and simplifies his vast knowledge of the soul, spirituality, religion, history, psychology, politics, success, healing, the Goddess civilizations that preceded the Bible, and futurism (where and how humanity and the world are evolving).  He has been teaching and speaking since 1987 in almost 500 events. 


He calls himself a Millennial Boomer - Millennial values in a Baby Boomer body.


Jimmy is living his greatest dream married to his soulmate, Janet.

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Janet & Jimmy

More of Jimmy's Story


At age 14, Jimmy had a miraculous spiritual healing of torn cartilage in his left knee that doctors said was impossible to heal and would end his athletic career.   Jimmy went to college on a baseball scholarship, became a tennis champion, and won many handball championships, including a national title.


At age 20, he experienced the deep pain of a “dark night of the soul” lasting two years.  His deep inner journey through his broken heart into his soul became the beginning of his life's most profound education.


At age 22, he had a “Field of Dreams” mystical experience hearing “the voice” loud in his mind, “You will go to the University of Madrid for a year and live with a Spanish family that doesn’t speak English.” So he did.  That year in Spain was magical and life-changing. It was coming home for Jimmy.


At age 33, Jimmy had another spiritual healing during the Texas state handball championship, where he became paralyzed with cramps during the match.  He crawled off the court with only a 30-second timeout.  Jimmy was losing 3 to 8 in an 11-point tiebreaker with his opponent serving. As he stood up to drink water, he visualized and emotionalized it healing his body.  A wave of energy passed over and through him, renewing every cell in his body as if Jimmy had three days of rest.  He walked back into the handball court, a miracle in itself, and went on limit his opponent to only one more point as he won the tiebreaker 11 to 9.  It stunned the crowd.  It stunned his opponent.  Jimmy did not feel happy having won, but instead, he was in reverence and awe, having experienced the power of God within him.

At age 37, he suffered a second “dark night of the soul” where all his dreams and everything he believed in was taken away. He was empty and had to rebuild himself once again.  This time it was a deeper and darker hole that took him to the depths of his soul where his hourly mantra and prayer were “Let me see from the eyes of my soul.” And he has ever since.


At age 38, he began teaching spiritual classes in Dallas.  He was a natural teacher creating his original material for everything he would teach.


At age 43, NBC Nightly News featured Jimmy for his classes on The Celestine Prophecy that had quite a buzz nationally.  He created his material, starting, where every chapter ended.


At age 44, he was asked to guide a trip through Egypt and Israel.  He asked, “Why me?”  The psychic tour operator told him, “Because you know Jesus’ and Israel’s story."  His first mystical experience, where time stopped, was in the Garden of Gethsemane.  He remembered being there.  His second mystical experience started upon leaving Jerusalem for the Jordan River and lasted for several hours.  Shortly after heading north seeing lush scenery, he questioned the bus driver, “Why are we going north?” intuitively knowing they were heading in the wrong direction.  Upon arriving at the accepted site of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River near the Sea of Galilee, Jimmy refused to get out of the bus knowing beyond any doubt that they were in the wrong place.  He went into the bookstore at this site, looking for a map of Israel to show the bus driver where they had to go.  The group agreed with Jimmy and wanted to follow his guidance.  So he pointed to a place on the map and told the bus driver to “Go to this area and I will tell you where to turn.”  It was two hours away in the middle of nowhere and nothing but desert.  Then time stopped as Jimmy heard the voice whisper in his head saying, “Pay attention...You’re in the area.”  As they came upon a particular sign written in Hebrew that Jimmy couldn’t read, he instructed the bus driver to turn left there into the desert, knowing this was the place.  They came to an apparent dead end with a huge military fence saying "Restricted Area."  Then within 30 seconds, a jeep came over a small hill.  The army captain stepped out and told Jimmy that his group had to leave at once.  As Jimmy continued to talk with the captain for another five minutes when something magical happened.  The captain finally said, “Yes, this is the actual site of Jesus’ baptism, and I will take you in, but you may have to come to visit me in jail.”  The captain had to call his superiors for clearance and the Jordanian Army not to fire. The group finally arrived.  Upon taking the third step down to the river, Jimmy felt an invisible hand pressing on his chest. Jimmy stopped as he broke out weeping.  He "remembered" this place and was guided by his intuition and "the voice" on how to get back there after so many lifetimes.


At age 54, he met the girl of his dreams and soulmate.   Married to Janet, Jimmy is living his greatest dream.



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