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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

The Egalitarian Evolution

Fulfilling the American Dream

(America's Chapter in the Worldwide Story)

   What in the World Is Going On?

The world is in turmoil with the rise of...

  • authoritarian leaders undermining or replacing democracies,

  • nativist nationalism and tribalism,

  • fear of immigrants and the "others,"

  • dominant classes fighting changing demographics & threats to their power in their countries,

  • climate change with its extreme weather patterns and impending doom for our planet.

And in America we have...

  • huge income and wealth inequality,

  • healthcare inequality,

  • education inequality,

  • racial inequality, 

  • gender inequality,

  • white male supremacy, 

  • unhealed racism against Blacks and Native Americans,

  • wars going on forever,

  • epidemic gun violence in our cities, neighborhoods, and places of worship.

In short, humanity is out of balance...and we're birthing a new balance collectively in the world and within ourselves with the help of many historical egalitarian forces.


Patriarchy is doubling down trying to hold onto its power positions and paradigm around the world.  More extreme and repressive patriarchs are replacing moderate patriarchs.  The real divide is not left vs. right, conservatives vs. liberals, rich vs. poor, but egalitarians vs. patriarchs.  This is not a new dividing line, but one that goes back 5000 to 6000 years ago.

Archeological and cultural evidence all over the world tells us that for around 25,000 years humans around the world saw the Divine as a female since all life everywhere in nature sprang forth from a female.  Therefore, it was the Goddess who birth humans.  Then about 5000 years ago we had history's first sex change when the Goddess grew a penis to become a male God, which spawned all our patriarchal religions, cultures, institutions and governments of today.

Over these past 5000 years patriarchy produced many gifts – civilization, laws to organize society, written languages, religion, science, money, economies, hierarchies, government, mathematics, logic & reason, technology, competition, philosophy, democracy, and powers of the mind. 

But, patriarchy has finally outlived its purpose and we're experiencing many of its unbalanced and toxic remnants – coninuous wars, domination, exclusivity, superiority thinking, superior/inferior relationships, sexism, racism, homophobia and xenophobia, and separation.

We're evolving into a new world paradigm of egalitarianism where diversity, balanced power, sustainability, inclusiveness, wholeness, interdependence, transparency, compassion, life rights, synthesis, environmentalism, multiculturalism, creativity & soul growth are championed.


Goddess energy is rising all around us in the world today after being written out of history by our patriarchal religions. We are birthing an egalitarian world where the already well-developed masculine is coming into balance with its feminine to be equal partners.  This is humanity’s salvation and next cultural evolutionary leap.

The old order, unraveling in front of our eyes daily on TV and the news, is not being destroyed, but added onto.  Our collective dominant masculine (yang) needs its equal feminine (yin) to come into partnership, balance and wholeness.  

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Think of it as upgrading our worldwide and personal operating system (OS) from OS Patriarchy (ver. PAT 5000) to OS Egalitarianism (ver. EGAL 1.0) piece by piece, in our world, countries, states, cities, communities, and in ourselves.  Because each person, community, and city will have their process and timeline, so will each state and country have their own process and timeline.  

​Universal Historical Egalitarian Forces Driving Our Worldwide Cultural Evolution


  • Goddess Rising (since 3000 BCE) - From the politics of the patriarchal religions, which subordinated women and established male superiority that promoted misogyny, inquisitions, witch burnings, rape and sexual abuse the divine feminine is rising up in the world through women's suffrage, feminism, demand for equal rights, and the #MeToo movement as well as within ourselves for healing, balance, and wholeness.

  • Birth of Religious Egalitarianism – Taoism & Jesus (since 500 BCE? & 30 CE) - The teachings of Lao Tzu's equality of all life and Jesus' subversive, radical egalitarian message before the Church subverted it are the beginnings of religious equality teaching us how to create God's world here, aka "heaven on earth."  How? Live in harmony with all life, including nature, and love your neighbor, your enemy and yourself... for they all are God.

  • The Birth Political Egalitarianism (since 1776) - 'All men are created equal' in the Declaration of Independence transformed a revolt into a revolution for independence in America, but forever inspired others, women included, to create a world based on equality of all life ever since.

  • FemEquality (since 1792) - Mary Wollstonecraft's 1792 "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman" laid the foundation for the worldwide women's equality movement arguing that women were not inferior to men, but were equals, and thus women and girls should have the equal education of men and boys.  In 1776 America Abigail Adams advocated privately in a letter to her husband, John Adams, for female citizenship and suffrage at the Continental Congress Convention.  Women banding together for equality have been an unstoppable force.  FemEquality is not just for women, but for all of us to balance the masculine and feminine within us to become whole.

  • Visual/Digital Revolution (since 1815) - The advent of photography, motion pictures, radio, TV, computers, digital technology, digital currencies, and artificial intelligence have led to developing the feminine right brain more leading us to greater brain wholeness. This is creating individual egalitarianism (partnership within us between our masculine and feminine), as well as information equality for all.

  • Mother Earth/Environmentalism (since 1962) - Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" in 1962 birthed the environmental movement leading us to champion Mother Earth, challenging excessive chemical use, consumerism, and fighting climate change.


America's Historical Egalitarian Forces Transforming Its Patriarchy

  • Native American Spirituality (since before 1492) - Teaching and living the sacredness of all life, 'we are all related' and being and living in harmony with "Mother Earth" is deeply embedded American soil and in the subconscious of all who have lived here whether they know it or not.  America's "Original Sins" start with the Native American genocide of Native Americans and the stealing of their lands and resources.  But, it is the thinking or mindset behind these acts that are the greatest sin: White Supremacy/White Superiority.  The root of all evil is superiority thinking.  This applies here and to the next trend of Black Equality.

  • Black Equality (since 1656) - Elizabeth Key became the first woman of African descent to sue in court and win her freedom, and her son, John's freedom from slavery in 1656, based on inheriting her father's status as a white Virginia planter named Thomas Key and that she had been baptized a Christian.  Those two points complied with British law.  So the white slave owners had to change those points of law.  In 1662 Virginia legislators passed a law stating that the condition of the mother, not the father, determined the status of the child. Slavery was now inheritable.  In 1667 the Virginia General Assembly passed a law declaring that "baptism does not alter the condition of the person as to his bondage or freedom" nor does being a practicing Christian.  Then in 1691 Virginia prohibited interracial marriage, which was not overturned until Loving v. Virginia in 1967.   Black Americans have been achieving greater rights, but not full equality yet.  Slavery has often been called "America' Original Sin," but it is a twin sin to Native American genocide. Again, the real sin is White Supremacy/White Superiority.  The root of all evil is superiority thinking.

  • America's Changing Faces (since 1965) - The passage of the 1965 Immigration Act opened America's doors to African, Latin American and Asian immigrants, which has profoundly changed the demographics and diversity of America to where White Americans will be a minority by 2045.  Gay rights, gay marriage, LGBTQ rights, interracial marriage and relationships, and ethnically ambiguous children are forever changing what Americans look like.  This trend is causing great White anxiety and fear among many White Americans.

  • America's Millennials & Gen Zers (since 1981) - The values of these generations are profoundly more inclusive, tolerant diverse, idealistic, connected, respectful of elders, spiritual, and less religious than previous American generations. They are older souls and changing America's collective soul age.

The Egalitarian Evolution: America's Chapter - Fulfilling the American Dream looks at America's chapter in this worldwide story and will give you

  • a new sense of hope & optimism, 

  • the eyes to see the big picture of what’s really going on in our country and the world, and 

  • the tools to navigate these challenging times.

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