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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

The Future of Success

Growing Your Soul, Finances... & Everything in Between

We rarely look for success beyond money and things acquired.

Our biggest failure is not seeing and valuing our whole self. 

Net worth does not measure our self worth and soul worth.  

True success is whole person/whole life success.    

Success is a journey of growth and wholeness physically, emotionally, mentally and soulicly.  

We are here in “Schoolroom Earth” to grow our souls, not just our things and bank accounts.

A shroud doesn’t have any pockets so you can’t take any material gains with you.  

But you do carry with you all non-material gains, which include

what you have learned and healed, 

how and where you have grown, 

how and where you became empowered,

how and when you empowered others,  

what you have achieved in consciousness, and 

how you brought forth your soul in your life.  

In short, how you have grown your soul.



Topics covered in this audio program:

The purpose of life 

Stopping the self sabotage 

Moving from unconscious living to conscious evolution 

Your four greatest powers... to solve anything in your life 

What’s really going on in the world – where are we evolving 

Balancing and integrating the masculine and feminine within us 

Successing your physical self 

Successing your emotional self 

Successing your mental self 

Successing your soulic self 

Developing your intuition 

Being thrust upon your own resources 

Living your purposes 

Surrendering your ego to soul 

Integrating your shadow 

Living from your soul 

Reinventing yourself...again and again

Death - Your Graduation Diploma of Life Success


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