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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

America's Soul Destiny

Serving Up American Pie

America is a deeply spiritually based and guided country.  


It has a divine purpose to fulfill for the healing of the world’s racism, bigotry, exclusivity, ethnic cleansings,

sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and xenophobia (fear of a foreigner) by learning to heal

all these old fears, prejudices, and hatreds within our own borders first.


Every race, country, and culture is present in America and we have inherited all their old unresolved issues.  

As we do it here, it can be done everywhere.

The real "American Dream" is in our national birth certificate 
of an egalitarian country

where all people are created and to be treated equal.


This is laid out in the greatest spiritual-political document ever written --

The Declaration of Independence.


As above, so below.

America's spiritual roots began ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, and Israel

while many additional gifts were added on by the Iroquois Confederacy, Native Americans,

White Europeans, Mediterraneans, Black Africans, Latin Americans and Asians.
Nations, as with individuals, have a soul, a personality/ego, and a shadow side.

These three must be acknowledged, healed, and integrated

in order for a country to come into its maturity and fullness.

America's Soul - Mom
America's Ego/Personality - Dad

 Even though individually we may not be responsible for what has happened in the past,

we all are responsible for the healing of these wounds ... now!  


Healing our many cultural wounds and current challenges will empower us as a nation,

open the door for us to live our collective soul and manifest our national destiny. 

-- Voices of America's Soul Destiny --
Founding Fathers by David Behrens
Abraham Lincoln
Rosie the Riveter
Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Because America is a microcosm of the entire planet,

what is achieved here will be replicated in every country.  


America is the grand experiment and laboratory on planet Earth

in learning how to live and work together while being so diverse and different.  


As we recover each gift from our spiritual roots,

consciously integrate all of them, and

heal all old cultural wounds,

America will fulfill its soul destiny of "lighting the way" for the world to become unified

and to explore the Universe as one race – the human race.  

“Pray and move your feet.” 

Quaker principle

We were born, migrated or were forced to come here to be

agents of change, healing, and transformation in America and the world.  

 Our active participation is now demanded.  

The time has come for us to wake up and remember what we, America, and the world can be.

"WE... are the ones we have been waiting for." 

Hopi saying





In this seminar we explore the spiritual history of America –- past, present, and future -- through:

     1)  The Spiritual significance of 9-11;
     2)  The Real American Dream;

     3)  The Spiritual Seeds from Egypt, Greece, Rome, Palestine, and Europe planted in America;
     4)  Native American Spirituality anchored in our soil;

     5)  The Founding Fathers and Mothers’ Influences, Spirituality and Politics;
     6)  America’s Spiritual Stream - Its Developing Religiosity and Deep Spirituality;



     7)  America’s Soul and Personality;
     8)  America’s Shadow - What's Not in Your History Books about America That You Need to Know



     9)  The Immigrants’ Soul Gifts;
   10)  America’s Healing;
   11)  Soul-utions (to America’s Problems);
   12)  Spiritics – Spiritual Activism; and
   13)  America’s Soul Destiny

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