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From a soul level, Jimmy chose his parents well for the primary lessons & support he needed in this life.

He was born in 1951 to:


Eugene Langkop -- a dynamic leader, salesman, entrepreneur, ex-professional Baseball player, a deeply spiritual man of great integrity, and very loving father & husband.


Dorothy Franey Langkop – a dynamic, charismatic, groundbreaking,

natural athlete, entrepreneur, and leader.


Dorothy won Bronze Medal in the 1000-meter race at the 1932 Lake Placid Olympics and held 12 out of a possible 14 world records in Women's Speed Skating from 1932 to 1938.  She did the unthinkable by crossing over to become a professional figure skater in 1938 creating her own ice shows traveling around America and Mexico.  In 1942 she starred on Broadway at the International Casino in Times Square when the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, Texas offered her 6-week contract to bring her show to Dallas in the fall of 1943.  Her show was an instant success and the Dot Franey Ice Revue ran at the Adolphus for the next 14 years to 1957.  


Shortly after closing her show, Dorothy suffered a hunting accident, which virtually pulverized her right foot.  The doctors insisted on an immediate amputation to which Dorothy said "absolutely no way!" She had 12 reconstructive surgeries over the next 9 months.  Three months after her last surgery Dorothy won the Dallas City Golf Championships, at age 45, competing against 20 year-olds. Dorothy went on to win numerous more tournaments, including the Mexican Amateur Nationals in 1959 and the Dallas City Mixed Foursome 6 years in a row (1960 -1965), 3 of which she teamed with New York Yankees slugger and legend, Mickey Mantle.  


Dorothy became the first female president of the U. S. Olympians.  Her life is an amazing testament to what one person can achieve in a lifetime and to the thousands of lives touched. 


And for Jimmy's next soul lessons:

From lessons learned and gifts earned through two excruciating "dark nights of the soul," two miraculous physical healings, many mystical experiences (including a "Field of Dreams" one of following "the voice" to go to the University of Madrid for a year and live with a Spanish family that didn't speak English), a lifetime of asking and finding answers to life's biggest questions --- Jimmy emerged a visionary, spiritual teacher, dynamic speaker, and transformational writer.

The Aracils, Jimmy's Spanish family

His teachings empower us by questioning everything and living from our soul.  Jimmy reminds us that we are souls with a temporary body and the purpose of life is soul growth.  Everything in life happens for us to heal something in our past, to grow and evolve in the present, and/or to become empowered for our future.  We take with us in our soul all things learned or achieved emotionally, mentally or spiritually.


Jimmy synthesizes and simplifies his vast knowledge of the soul, spirituality, religion, history, psychology, politics, success, healing, the Goddess civilizations that preceded the Bible, and futurism (where and how humanity and the world are evolving).  He has been teaching and speaking since 1987 in almost 500 events. 


He calls himself a Millennial Boomer - Millennial values in a Baby Boomer body.


Jimmy is living his greatest dream married to his soulmate, Janet.

Jimmy and Janet

The Aracils 2015, 

Jimmy & Janet's Spanish Family

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