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Questioning Everything & Living Your Soul

Digital Downloads by Jimmy Langkop

Why Is This Happening For Me?  (audio mp3 file)

What happens to us happens for us!  If you want to... shorten your suffering, heal deeper, grow more, become more empowered, see the big picture, and connect with your soul... then the fastest way to get there is asking  - Why is this happening for me?  (31 minutes)

You Are What Your Food Ate  (audio mp3 file)

Our food can kill us or it can cure us fast,  We need to know what's in our food, what it has been treated with, and what it ate because what's in it will be in us, too making us either sick and fat or healthy.  The Standard American Diet of low-fat, highly processed industrial foods is diseasing and killing us. (111 minutes)

You Are What Your Food Ate Chart  (jpg image)

Everything you need to know about what foods are toxic and what foods are healthy and medicinal for our body, brain and heart.  It's all about being a CleanFoodetarian - eating clean carbohydrates, proteins and fats & eliminating the toxic, industrial, processed ones.  Eat Mother Nature's foods the way our grandparents did.

Egalitarianism - Our Evolutionary Future  (audio mp3 file)

We are saying good-bye to our 5000 year-old-paradigm of Patriarchy (men-rule) and birthing a world of balanced power between the feminine and masculine in the world and within ourselves.  We're evolving into creating a new world paradigm of Egalitarianism where soul growth, diversity, balanced power, wholeness, life rights, sustainabliity, multiculturalism, compassion, inclusiveness, environmentalism, interdependence, transparency & synthesis are championed.   (28 minutes)

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Resurrecting Jesus  (audio mp3 file)

Jesus, born like every other person, had his own emotonal wounds, judgments, and forgiveness issues.  Like every great teacher he taught what he had learned from his life.  Exploring his human evolution and soul choices, we discover that his story is our story.  The importance of Jesus is the truth he taught about waking up to our own divinity, not his birth or death. The real story of Jesus is far more powerful and inspirational than the made-up version by the Church to sell Christianity.  (147 minutes)

Mary Magdalene - Mother/Goddess of Christianity  (audio mp3 file)

Mary Magdalene, Jesus' soulmate and most loved disciple, was the most important voice in the Jesus movement after he died.   Peter and the patriarchal church established in the name of Jesus waged a politcal war against his egalitarian & inclusive message, Mary Magdalene, and all female leadership in the early church.  Recovering Mary Magdalene empowers all of us to reclaim a healthy, strong feminine energy to balance our culturally dominant masculine side.  We need strong female role models like Magdalene to create healthy, balanced relationships.  (97 minutes)

Understanding the Shadow  (audio mp3 file)

The shadow is the container within ourselves where we store all parts of ourself that we fear, deny, deplore, disown, reject, repress, or simply dislike thinking any of these are unacceptalbe for us to be.  This means all things we deem too negative or too positive for us to be - from being a Hitler to being a Jesus or Mother Teresa.  Yet 80% of our personal power lies there.  Understanding and integrating it is the key to our healing, empowerment, wholeness, authenticity, and to living our soul.  (58 minutes)

America's Shadow  (audio mp3 file)

Nations being a composite of souls at differing soul ages have a collective soul, ego, and shadow.  America has a shadow side to its history, which must be recognized, owned and corrected for America to live up to its soul destiny and promise for the world.  Hear what's not in our history books that we need too know.  (87 minutes)

America's Spiritual Stream  (audio mp3 file)

America has a soul destiny that often is subverted to its egoic collective self-interest.  Likewise, the historical spiritual stream upon which she was founded comes in conflict with and yet is often compatible with her religiosity.  Here we take a look at both showing the spiritual stream that is guiding America to fulfill her soul destiny.  (133 minutes)

Discover Your Perfect Diet Chart  (jpeg image)

Eat right for your blood, genes & gut by eliminating all your inflammatory foods, people and events & building your immune system, peace of mind and purpose. 

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