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The Egalitarian Evolution

Fulfilling the American Dream

(America's Chapter)

   What In the world is going on?

Humanity is in the midst of the largest evolutionary leap since the advent of patriarchy (man-rule) 5000 years ago.  Goddess energy is re-emerging all around us in the world today after being written out of history by our patriarchal religions. We are birthing an egalitarian world where the already well-developed masculine is coming into balance with its feminine to be equal partners.

   What In the world is going on?



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We are merging a declining 5000 year-old patriarchal world paradigm with a new ascending world paradigm of egalitarianism, which transcends and includes our patriarchy.  We’re experiencing the birthing pains of upgrading our world-wide operating system, piece by piece, in ourselves and every facet of our communities, country and world.  Think of it as upgrading our worldwide operating system from OS Patriarchy (PAT 5000) to OS Egalitarianism (EGAL 1.0). Each country will have its own process and timeline.  This story is America's chapter.

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5000 years ago the Divine had history’s first sex change where the 25,000-year, previously worshipped Goddess grew a penis and became a male God spawning all our patriarchal religions, cultures, institutions and governments of today.


Over these past 5000 years patriarchy produced many gifts – civilization, laws to organize society, written languages, religion, science, money, economies, hierarchies, government, mathematics, logic & reason, technology, competition, philosophy, democracy, and powers of the mind.  


But patriarchy has finally outlived its purpose and we’re experiencing many of its unbalanced and toxic remnants - separation, judgment, domination, war, exclusivity, superior/inferior thinking & relationships,

sexism, racism and xenophobia.  

We're evolving into and creating a new world paradigm of egalitarianism where diversity, balanced power, sustainability, inclusiveness, wholeness, interdependence, transparency, compassion, life rights, synthesis, environmentalism, multiculturalism & soul growth are championed.

The old order, though unraveling in front of our eyes daily on TV and the news, is not being destroyed, but added onto.  Our collective dominant masculine needs its yin to come into partnership, balance and wholeness.  This is humanity’s next evolutionary leap.

The old order, though unraveling in front of our eyes daily on TV and the news, is not being destroyed, but added onto.  

Our collective dominant yang needs its yin to come into partnership, balance, and wholeness.  

This is humanity’s next evolutionary leap.


These classes will empower you with:

  • a new sense of hope & optimism, 

  • the eyes to see the big picture of what’s really going on in your life, country & world, and 

  • the tools to navigate these challenging times.


Topics we’ll cover in The Egalitarian Evolution story:


  • What in the World Is Going On?

  • Patriarchy's Gifts, Our Current Operating System, & Healing Its Shadow

  • When God Was A Woman (from 30,000 to 3,000 BCE) - How Societies Were Organized and What Their Values Were

  • History’s First Sex Change - The Invention of a Male God and Patriarchy

  • Politics of the Bible - Subordinating Women & Establishing Male Superiority

  • Birth of Religious Egalitarianism - Lao Tzu & Jesus 

  • Jesus' Subversive Egalitarian Message & How the Church Subverted It - The Birth of Religious Egalitarianism

  • Patriarchy’s Wars on Women - Christian Misogyny, the Inquisition, Witch Burnings, Rape & More

  • 1776 - The Birth Political Egalitarianism - 'All are created equal'

  • Visual/Digital Revolution (since 1815) - Brain Wholeness (Individual Egalitarianism)

  • Mother Earth/Environmentalism (since 1962) - Global Warming

  • Slavery/Abolition/Civil Rights/Black Lives Matter/Anthem Protests

  • American Immigration, Demographics, & Diversity

  • America's Millennials & Mosaics (Gen Z) - America's Changing Soul Age 

  • Rise of the Millennials & Mosaics - America’s Changing Soul Age

  • Egalitrends Transforming Our World

  • Moving from Patriarchy to Egalitarianism - How Do We Do It, What Does It Look Like

  • Expand Your God Concept — Re-member The Goddess

  • Partnership, Equality, Wholeness & Soulness - Egalitarianism’s Transformational Pillars

  • Egalitarianism's Evolutionary Force 

  • Spiritics - Fusing Spirituality and Politics - An Egalitarian Response to Extreme Patriarchy

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