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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

Understanding the Shadow

Integrating Your Greatest Hidden Power

The shadow is the container within ourselves where we store all parts of ourself  

that we fear, deny, deplore, disown, reject, repress, or simply dislike,

thinking any of these are unacceptable for us to be in our world.  


This means all things we deem too negative or too positive for us to be -

from being a Hitler to being a Jesus or Mother Teresa.  


Hero worshipping and demonizing anyone or anything are signs

of where we are projecting our positive and negative shadow power

away from ourselves... as something that is not us.


Truth is... all of it could be us.  


Our lightness and darkness are inseparable, interdependent and in a perpetual dynamic dance.  

This is the basis for our wholeness.


Inside our light is the heart of darkness and inside our darkness is the heart of light.

Attempting to deny, reject, disown, eliminate, or fear any of positivity or negativity is to create a toxic war on ourselves.


80% of our personal power lies in our shadow.


What we put in our shadow can one day save us and make us whole.


Wholeness, not perfection, is the goal of life.


Understanding and integrating our shadow is the key to our







unlived life,

and living our soul.  

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