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The Purpose of Life is Soul Growth

Why Is This Happening For Me?

How Crisis Awakens Us to Our Soul

Life is full of pop quizzes called crises.

They cause us to go deeper within ourselves

to bring forth new talents and to wake us up to and grow our soul.


But if we think things are just happening to us,

we will never receive the gifts of healing, growth,

and empowerment these crises offer us.  


What happens to us, happens for us.

If you want to... 

shorten your suffering, 
heal deeper, 
grow more, 
become more empowered, 
see the big picture, and 
connect with your soul…

you have to ask the right question to get there.  

“Why Is This Happening For Me?” is the right question.

Most importantly, asking it opens us up to the amazing universe of our soul and its empowering gifts.

Play the video below to find out how...
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